Monday, February 21, 2011

The Return of Richard Melville Hall

Or as he is more commonly known, MOBY. Always an interesting cat, everyones favorite Vegan techno artist is returning with a new record in May and has dropped a teaser ep for free download. "Destroyed", the album, by all accounts is a return to his more electronic roots after dabbling in mood music and ambient soundscapes over the past couple of records. The three song "Be Th One" ep appears to represent the overall feel of the record. "Be The One" as a single is a bit underwhelming with kind of a LAURIE ANDERSON sing speak approach to the lyrics. Moby is usually best when is not the one singing and here is uses female vocals to develop the sense of longing and despair. "Sevastopol" hearkens back to some of his earlier work with a nice groove and driving beat. "Victoria Lucas" has a nice piano line and some nifty atmospheric touches.

As a sampler of the full album I am certainly intrigued. It seems he has abandoned the blues sample formula of "Play" and "18" that made him famous and retreated to some mutated version of his earlier work. I don't think it will be the hard hitting, club energy level of his first but a more aged, mature approach to his signature sound. Add this to what is shaping up to be a banner year in music...

Download the "Be The One" ep for free here.

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