Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dodos make a beautiful racket

THE DODOS are a two piece band out of San Francisco that make some of the most interesting music I have heard in a long time. Composed of singer/guitarist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber. Mixing acoustic guitars with some ridiculously cool African Ewe Drumming t make a sound that is both pretty and wildly improvisational in sound. "No Color" is the bands fourth album and will be the one that makes them a blogosphere sensation. The opening beats of "Black Night' set the pace, then using a slide guitar line to propel the rhythm as Long implores the listener to "control yourself". "Good" takes a plucked string guitar line and beats it into the ground before launching into a polyrhytmic approach to accompany Long's somewhat monotone singing style.

There is an undercurrent in parts of the record of old time stomping blues songs that would make ROBERT JOHNSON proud. "Sleep" takes this approach and mixes it with a pop sheen that makes it very catchy. "When Will You Go Home" has a slower, more maudlin approach to the song structure but without sacrificing the signature drum sound at the heart of the whole record. The song develops slowly till it almost takes on a SONIC YOUTH sound at the end. In fact, the most apt comparison I can come up with is the solo work of Sonic Youth guitarist THURSTON MOORE, who took a similar approach of burying his vocals and highlighting the instruments. By the time you reach the end with "Don't Stop", Long and Kroeber have refined their sound to a perfect pop noise blend that is mesmerizing to listen to.

The Dodos have created a record that develops with each listen and deepens with every spin. Each time I hear something new in the drum playing or the guitar picking that makes me appreciate two professional musicians at the height of their game.

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