Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club Mine a Sound to Stardom

I have a 15 month old son at home who does not appear to enjoy sleep. He does however look forward to quality time with his old man at 3am. He has very discerning viewing tastes and will often invest himself so fully in a movie that he will not go back to sleep. (At least this is what I believe is happening). This means that we are often stuck watching things that I would normally not be interested in. Lately it seems music videos on channels like MTV and VH1 are what put him back to sleep. This can be a problem since most of the videos these outlets play are usually bad rap or pop songs.

(Note to TRAIN: I agree to not make fun of you if you promise to take "Marry Me" and go away, while your at it could you also take MAROON 5's 'I Never Want To Leave This Bed" and Christina something-or-other's vapid "Jar of Hearts" with you, Thanks)

Now every once in awhile a band that actually has some talent sneaks through the dreck and into rotation. Such is the case with TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB. Or so I thought. "What You Know' has officially hit heavy rotation on VH1 so I have seen it a few times. The video owes a lot to the ROBERT PALMER vids of yesteryear (look it up and you'll see what I mean). But the song is very catchy so I thought I would dive into the rest of the album. And there is the problem. If you have downloaded the single, I will save you. You have the whole album. Each song has the same staccato guitar lines (borrowed liberally from the FOALS) and lead singer Alex Trimble's thin vocals. I had hoped for more. "Undercover Martyn" has some originality to it but other than that, the whole record sounds eerily similar. That is not to say the band is not talented, just a bit unoriginal. Here's hoping that life on the road does them some good and that they are not sucked into the success they are getting with their initial offering. It could either way...

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