Sunday, March 27, 2011

FOUND blow my socks off

FOUND, a Scottish collective, have just released their third proper record, "Factorycraft". It has been awhile since I have been this impressed with an album that is so varied in it's sound. Every time I listen to it, I dive deeper and deeper into the marriage of pop and electronic music that is so seem less and well thought out that it seems wholly organic. "Anti Climb Paint" is a straight ahead pop lament that is followed by the gorgeous "I'll Wake With A Seismic Head No More". As the record evolves, you almost get the impression that is what Radiohead has been trying to do with it's music but to a lesser degree. Using blips and loops throughout the pop structure allows Found to play with songs in new and creative ways. "Machine Age Dancing" is a 21st century take on the classic Beach Boys melodies. "You're No Vincent Gallo" and Lowlandness" are the most accessible from a song status, and yet still are off kilter enough to appeal to the more adventurous listener.

Then there is "Shallow". In what may be a master craft of sonic textures, the song builds on a simple synth and guitar line like a descendant of the shoegazer movement. The simplicity of the lyrics makes the music more important to get the feel of the song across. The band don't rush the build and allow the song to breath and find it's way till it settles into a groove akin to GALAXIE 500 or THE BETA BAND. It is simply breathtaking and clearly a song of the year candidate.

There will undoubtedly by a lot of hype around this album because it will appeal to both indie kids and electronic freaks equally. It will almost certainly be in my top ten for the year. Get this record immediately if not sooner.

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