Saturday, July 09, 2011

Introducing...Shoot The Image

Toronto, Canada's SHOOT THE IMAGE have released their debut album "Cranes in The City", a collection of songs that mines vintage Brit Pop sounds for the new millennium. There isn't much background information on the members of the band other than they appear to have a male and a female singer. The songs are a sleek combination of guitar and synthesizers and a female. male vocal tandem.

The opener of the album, "Fortified", has a faint touch of vintage ECHOBELLY in it with swirling guitar lines and driving drum beat. "Loveless" continues the upbeat music as the female voice carries the chorus as a chant. "Crane" is a softer synth driven number that sounds like an outtake from a SLEEPER record. "Vagabond" has the kind of bluesy start and stop guitar work made famous by the record producer. Morrissey's primary guitarist Boz Boorer. You can almost see this track being on one of Moz's early solo albums. The lead single, "Lithograph" is a retro 80's number that seems to wander around the groove like a late night taxi cab ride with the vocals like a distant relative of NANCY SINATRA. The record does drag a bit at the end before settling into the nice coda of a closer in "Sightlines".

I wish we knew more about the band, who appear to be a bit shy in most of their interviews. But on the strength of this record, they are certainly worth keeping an eye on if you have a nostalgic ear for the Britpop heyday.

(mp3) Shoot The Image -- Lithograph

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