Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Full Length Release The Sunbird

A couple of months ago I previewed the lead single from Zach Rogue of ROGUE WAVE's solo record under the moniker of RELEASE THE SUNBIRD. Now the full length record is out and it is magnificent. Rogue has said the record was a chance to make a vocal heavy record that was softer in tone and subject matter than the usual Rogue Wave records and he has succeeded.

The opening acoustic strums of "It's All Around You" led to a drum beat and guitar line that is reminiscent of his day job but with a nice hammond organ addition. From there the record charts it's own course. The title track, "Come Back To Us", drifts on a acoustic strum and a shared vocal with singer Kate Long. The dual vocals highlight Rogue's own sensitive hushed vocal style to great effect. "No Light" has a nice shuffle to it driven by a bass line that slithers around the lyrics. "Best Thing For Me" is full of "oohs and aahs" as he does his best JACK JOHNSON impression. "Back Strikes Back" is a bluesy verse accompanied by a sunny chorus for an oddly captivating dissonance in song structure. "Running Away From Me" dips it's toes in a country twang that would not be lost on RYAN ADAMS. The closing number, "Outlook's Anonymous", borrows from THE BEATLES playbook to a nice coda to the work. The songs slow build never really materializes to anything epic but gives the listener a sense of finishing to an immaculate collection of song craft.

Rogue has said that this record does not signal the end of Rogue Wave but merely a chance to stretch out his vocal talents. I hope that some of his experiments here find their way into the cannon of Rogue Wave musical skills. It would make them that much better of a band, and that is saying something.

(mp3) Release The Sunbird -- Come Back To Us (link removed by request)

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