Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing...The Atolls

THE ATOLLS are a two piece outfit from Glendora, CA. Being that this is practically across the street from where I live I feel compelled to give them some love. That and they are pretty damn good as well.

Most two piece rock outfits have some toehold in old school blues or noise rock. That makes the BLACK KEYS and WHITE STRIPES the comparison point for other duos. The Atolls eschew these styles for a more lo-fi SEBADOH approach to music. Their self titled debut ep has a little something for everyone into indie rock.

"Older Nazi Boyfriends" does have a bit of bluesy rip to it with vocals that are very punk rock in their tones (little David Byrne in the verses). "Low Tide" is a softer, darker ballad that drifts over a JOY DIVISION style dirge. "Tangles" is probably my favorite as it finds the band mining a simple guitar line to a nice crescendo. "Something I'm Not Supposed To Do" has the makings of an epic as it starts out slowly then builds into a fuzzy collapse onto itself.

You can get the digital download for free here. Enjoy!!

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