Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work Drugs want you on the beach

WORK DRUGS are a Philadelphia duo that make electronic music for beach reading. This is not a bad thing. There latest ep, "Tropic of Capricorn", should be required listening for lounging around the pool or by the shore. The songs seemed to be coated in lazy rays of sunshine and a little bit of tequila to make them smoother.

"Curious Serge' opens the set with soft synth line and simple drum beat. Vocalist Thomas Crystal never his voice above a hushed tone interrupt the groove being mined. "Rad Racer" is a little faster paced and has a killer hook for a chorus. "Golden Sombrero" is a retro 80's inspired keyboard vamp that could have passed for vintage OMD. The elegiac "Sunset Junction" swims lazily along a soft guitar line and shared male/female vocals. "Third Wave" returns to the earlier beat pattern and resets the mood of the ep as an after hours bar somewhere in the Caribbean. After the slow comedown of "Dog Daze" comes the acoustic take of "Rad Racer" Here the song is re imagined as a simple troubadour playing some tiki bar sound stage.

Work Drugs should just move to Tahiti and mine the summer circuit to notoriety. Their music was made for summer days and nights.

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