Friday, May 18, 2007

Holy Crap...This is Brilliant

So a quick post (proper one tomorrow I promise).
I'm sure by now many of you have heard some if not all of the new THE NATIONAL record BOXER. All I can say is that "Fake Empire" might just be one of the greatest songs in the last five years (I'm trying to not to dive too far into hyperbole here because that would be very un-zenlike) If you haven't heard it yet then by all means grab this song (and any others you can find even though the record comes out May 22nd.) It's is absolutely amazing. Forget for a moment that THE NATIONAL have already made a completely original and fabulous record with their last, ALLIGATOR, the guys seemed to have really pushed themselves into a whole new sonic realm. Anyway, give this a won't be disappointed.
The National -- Fake Empire (Thanks to Stereogum for the link)


JC said...

But even if you do download all the songs, please rush out and the album on its release.

Thank You!!

Ed said...

O wow-simple and yet so effective! I had seen a few other references to this, so will have to investigate this over the blogs.