Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Songs for Doing Dishes

I find myself letting my Ipod randomly play while I work. Normally I have playlists for any and all occasions but when it comes to simple household chores I just let the shuffle take control (kind of a bastardization of the Ipod Roulette game many people play). Anyway, while doing dishes this evening I came across a couple of songs I just had forgotten about:
The Editors -- Bullets
I really liked this album. I'm not entirely sure why. They sound a lot like INTERPOL and all the other pseudo-JOY DIVISION bands out there. But this song really struck me. It has such as sense of unrgency to it.

Ever buy an album striclty because of the record label? Well I got this one simply because they were on Astralwerks and I was looking for something very dancy at the time. Boy was I wrong. Still, after initially resenting being lied to by a reliable label, I settled into this nice piece of brit-rock. Kinda spacy...but still very enjoyable.

When I was in college there were two cities arm wrestling for the title of "next big indie scene" following the Seattle explosion. One was Portland, Oregon; the other was Raleigh, North Carolina. Each had a ton of bands and a relatively unique setting. Out of Raleigh came Polvo (who seemed to mesh Sonic Youth and Pavement into a new, yet familair sound.) A while back I hunted this album down and listened to it again. Although not as impressed as I was the first time I heard it (my tastes have changed a bit since college), it still reminds me of when indie music took chances.

So go do some chores around the house and discover long lost gems on your MP3 player.

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