Monday, May 28, 2007

Whatever gets you on the radio

I would like to apologize to Paddy Casey. It's my fault, I'm the one to blame. You should have been huge in America (much like I guess you are in Ireland, or at least that's what your official site says...) I should have paid more attention to you and your music when I was hosting a show on the local college station in San Bernardino, CA. Had I noticed how good your music was and how pasionate you were about your messages in your lyrics maybe I would have played you more than once. Maybe the promo copy of the CD you sent with the above mentioned clever title wouldn't have been shoved behind the ten DAVE MATTHEWS BAND cd's I own. So I'm here to make amends. I'm writing to you to say I'm sorry and I hope the new album works out. I'm posting these songs as a tribute to all the singer songwriter's I ignored when I was searching around for music that was cooler. I should have just played the hell out of your record. you should have been famous instead of the SMASHING PUMPKINS. God knows you're a better singer!

So dear readers join in my quest to allow PADDY CASEY'S music to be heard. Here are a couple of acoustic tracks from his debut album, Amen (So Be It), released in 2000. And if anyone knows Paddy tell him I'm sorry.

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Ed said...


saw Paddy Casey several times years ago in London, he was playing a weekly residency at a club called the Borderline. He was absolutely amazing, and 'Sweet Suburban Sky' is the sort of song that would bring a tear to a glass eye. he deserved to be huge - and I would like to hope that it's not too late yet!