Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sort of Breaking News

Maybe you've already seen this or maybe not (I got it from Indie mp3 who got it from XFM UK). Apparently New Order bassist Peter Hook confimed that he and lead singer Bernard Sumner are no longer working together. Sumber posted his response saying that New Order will continue on without Hook. (How that is possible is beyond me). Anyway, since the last two albums have been less than inspiring, maybe it's for the best. But with Johnny Marr running around with Modest Mouse, what will Sumner do if both New Order and Electronic no longer exsist?

Couple of links

Indie MP3 has the whole story and links to Peter Hooks blog (where all the hoopla started)

In a weird coincidence The Vinyl Villian just posted an excellent review of Technique that you should read.

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