Sunday, September 23, 2007


There are few moments that a sports fan can truly rejoice. When you team wins something big, it almost validates the hours you put in watching the games, swearing at the radio in disgust, or pouring over the newspaper for useless tidbits of minutiae (injuries, locker room altercations, minor league batting averages, etc.) So when the Los Angeles Angels won today to clinch their 3rd American League West in the past four year I celebrated. I yelled and pumped my fist in joy. Now I realize that I had nothing to do with the team winning. I did not strike anyone out or hit a game tying home run along the way, but I did root, cheer and support the team as hard as I could. My wife and I have literally sacrificed a good portion of our summer to watching the games. It's just part of the routine of the sports fanatic. So as the playoffs loom I once again break out my vintage Angels jersey and outfit my boys in the latest Angel fashion for the long playoff drive to a World Series Title.

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