Sunday, September 16, 2007

Songs for Doing Dishes Part Two

So I'm kind of devoid of any real thoughts or ideas tonight so a few random selections from my Ipod that were playing tonight as I cleaned the kitchen:

This was taken from the second UNKLE CD (after DJ Shadow left the group) and features the vocals of former Stone Roses lead singer Brown. I like this song mostly for it's way over the top melodramatic string usage behind a driving techno beat. I remember it took me forever to track this album down because it wasn't available in the US for like a year after it's release...but it was worth the wait. I can't say the same for the groups latest which is not nearly as good as their first two albums.

Got this the other day from the excellent blog 17 SECONDS mainly because it has the great Robert Smith from the Cure doing the vocals to what might as well be a lost Orbital song (since Hartnoll is one half of that duo). A great song that I will probably listen to another dozen or so times in the next 48 hours.

Hype is a funny thing. Suede was about as hyped a band coming out of England as I could remember. They were supposed to be the new Smiths. They were supposed to be as big as the Stones. They weren't either. About two years ago the lead singer and the guitarist got back together and formed a new band (why they didn't use the old name I have no idea) called the Tears. Alas they are still over hyped and not very good. I downloaded this record and can honestly say I have only listened to the whole thing twice. But this song is alright.

Tomorrow I should be back on the creative beam...goodnight all!!

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