Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm In Heaven

It's my 100th post!!! (Okay so it took me a little longer to get here than some others but still I think it's quite an achievement)

To celebrate we have the new ROGUE WAVE record "Asleep At Heaven's Gate". Continuing where the brilliant "Descended Like Vultures" left off, Rogue Wave have continued to refine their Beatles influenced lofi pop sound into a smooth and catchy blend. Zach Rogue has continued to use his slightly hushed falsetto to good use given that this time out the tone of the record seems a bit darker and more reflective in nature. At first listen it appears that any real change to the sound seems to be very subtle which should please long time fans (myself included). As I listen more I can see the depth and breadth that has been added. The songs, particularly the single "Lake Michigan" and the upbeat "Like I Needed" have a nice sing song quality to them that should translate well live. Elsewhere, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf (another fave around here ), pops up to sing vocals on "Chicago x12". The back half of the record finds the band slipping into a more somber tone to finish with the simply gorgeous "Missed" and the more epic "Phonytown" (although I would have probably switched them to close the album with a slower pace...but it's a small quibble on my part.)

No doubt this will be one of the biggest and best records for me this year. I can't wait to dive into it in greater detail.

(mp3) Rogue Wave -- Chicago x12 (Care of an excellent Blog "The World Forgot")


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the whole thing. I am not eating for a week so i can buy it from this amazing record store in the student union. OH and by the way thank you so much for giving them to me before, that are really amazing.


JC said...

Many happy returns.

Here's to the next 100