Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anthem In (Finally some new music)

So it's been a bit stagnant on the whole new band front lately. (although I admit I have been absorbed by huge releases by huge bands lately.) But fear not I have a new minor band crush. Thanks in part goes to the wonderful blog Speed of Dark for turning me on to this Brooklyn band called ANTHEM IN. Kind of a mix of Straylight Run, Rogue Wave and early Jimmy Eat World, the band plays the kind of heart on your sleeve, fuzzy guitar rock that always sounds great out of the car stereo. (added bonus for the use of female harmonies to a male lead singer, I have always kinda dug that). The sound can get a bit repetitive at times, but for a debut album it's a good start. I think once they get some time under their belt they could be something special. I dare you to keep still on "Down", which is the lead single. Really fun stuff!

(mp3) Anthem In -- Down (Courtesy of Speed of Dark)

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