Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick Hit

So I have three huge posts coming in the next couple of weeks.
1) A Track by Track review of the new COLDPLAY CD. I think I am finally ready to tackle it head on after about 8 listens.
2) A new podcast which has been gestating for about a month.
3) A post about movies and politics in light on back to back viewings of "Recount" and "Primary Colors" over the weekend.

But since the day is winding down I thought just a quick hit post to let you all know I'm still active.

I had to throw together some music for my school's Senior Class breakfast which required me diving into the realm of hit music. Normally I stay out of these waters with only a passing interest in what kids are into these days. Without really knowing the difference between RIHANNA and any other would be Mariah I had to rely on the Billboard Hot 100. Let me say I feel really bad for the youth of America. 99% of what passes for hit music these days is crap (which is exactly what every other old fogey has said about popular music since the dawn of Elvis...). I did however come across a couple of choice nuggets buried in the muck:

Featured in a car commercial and has a decent hook. Not the most popular song out there but it does have a way of sticking in your head.

I actually like her style. Some of her newer stuff is grating and she appears to be pandering a bit to the hip hop crowd but she is so unique that I will forgive her.

This is either the greatest tribute to Prince ever or the greatest rip off I can't tell. But the guitar hook is great and I predict it will be all over the radio by the end of the month.

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Toasted Skin said...

M.I.A was one of my top favorite finds from my freshman year, that was until I saw her live. She was terrible live at Coachella. It might have been because everything she wanted them to do they didn't do. But when things were fixed she didn't finish ONE song. It would finally get good and she would move onto another. Listen to "Come Around" or "XR2" I really like the way that those ones sound. Also "Boys" is pretty cool too.