Monday, June 09, 2008

A Post about Nothing

So I realized the other day that I have been woefully inactive when it comes to this particular blog and the truth is, I have no real excuse. Sure I could say I have been busy at work or with family. I could say that I have been wrapped up in the frustrating drama that is following the Los Angeles Lakers or the Angels. I could say that my lack of inspiration is due to many factors, but the truth is I just haven't been inspired to write anything. Maybe I don't read enough. After all where does one get inspiration but in the words of others. I have been reading "Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt for like 1/2 a year and while it is truly brilliant, one book does not a reader make. My interest in politics has dwindled to the occasional reading of Newsweek or a perusal of the internet but that's about it. So you might say I have let myself down as a literature consumer.

So why then would you, dear reader, continue to trek through such dribble. Because hopefully you trust me enough to know eventually I will snap out of it and get back to writing at least something interesting. So here a couple of songs to tide you over till I get it all figured out.

(mp3) Paul Weller -- 22 Songs (courtesy of The World of Wingrove)

He look a new Paul Weller album. These type of records tend to sneak up someone who is following the artist religiously. Some artists reach a point in their career when they can pretty much release music whenever they feel like it and their fans will buy it. Weller's not looking for a return to greatness, just a comfortable place to play the music he loves.

(mp3) The Editors -- When Anger Shows

For some reason this song has hit a chord with me lately. Things at work have been darn near unbearable. Everyone is looking for excuses and scapegoats. Everyone is looking for someone else to blame. This can lead to a lot of anger and pain for those involved. And you thought being in public education would be easy. Heck, anyone can teach right? (this is cryptic I know, but I can't divulge specifics, needless to say I doubt the others involved in the heated conversations had any idea their words had such an impact...)


Toasted Skin said...

mhh the editors.

yeah i don't know much U2, but now that you said that i will have to check that out. I got a ton of new music today so i have been switching between new Coldplay, Tilly and the Wall, The Breeders, VHS or Beta Coconut Records (Jason Swartzman's new band. He was the original drummer of Phantom Planet) and a few other things.

yeah is most defiantly is summer.


Kasey Ann Stevens said...

About the politics thing: I am more immersed in politics than I ever have been in my life... It is like Political OVERLOAD!