Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Don't Care If It Is Kids Music...It's Catchy

I have tried to avoid writing about the state of Kid's Music on this blog. My wife does a pretty good job of detailing what my boys are listening to and what they like over on her site (see sidebar for link) and I choose not to focus on music for the toddler set. But when one has kids your listening patterns do change. So I have had my far share of Laurie Berkner (GAG!), Raffi (The Pied Piper on Ritalin) and The Dirty Sock Funtime Band (Don't ask, we're both better off with you not knowing...) So when something comes along that I actually like it is a double blessing. Since 2 year olds feel the need to listen to the same thing over and over and over, a good song is like a piece of manna from Heaven. Case in point, "Pop Fly" by Justin Roberts. This song has several things going for it.

1) It's about baseball. This in and of itself might be enough.
2) Roberts sounds like Mike Mills from REM. Go ahead listen to this followed by REM's "Superman" and I dare you to tell me they are not separated a birth.
3) The song has a catchy chorus. This would be a great summer song even if it wasn't aimed at those still riding with their training wheels attached.
4) Seriously, it sounds like a lost REM song. Take away the lyrics and just listen to the music and it could fit right in to any of Stipe and Company's albums. (Come on, isn't "Shiny, Happy People" really a kids song?)

So put aside your prejudice to music for toddlers and give it a listen. I even included the video which is also kitchy fun!!

(mp3) Justin Roberts -- Pop Fly

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