Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So in an effort to combat stress (and eventually take on a slightly expanding waistline that comes with age) I have begun a short sojourn into the world of yoga. Basically, I do about 15 minutes in the morning and about 25 minutes at night in the hopes that this will turn around the above mentioned issues. Here's what I have learned so far:

1) I am no longer 15. When I was a teenager I was very flexible (played a lot of basketball). Now, my toes seem to be a mile away from my reach. The people on the video seem to so carelessly touch there digits together while I feel like I have the freakin' Grand Canyon to cross.

2) I have never seen a dog do the dog pose.

3) The leaders of these sessions must all get training in speaking with a soft monotone that requires me to turn the volume up so loud that it is somewhat counterproductive to relaxation.

4) Yoga and twister must have been created by the same people. At one point I have expected the lady in my PM session to say, "Right Hand, Green".

5) If you give into it, and don't worry about looking like a fool, this stuff actually does have a calming effect. I find I am sleeping better and have more energy at the beginning of the day. Unfortunately, the job stress overwhelms any sort of inner peace I have attained but its a start.

S0 I will keep at it. They say that if you do something new for 21 straight days it becomes part of your routine. I am on day three, will see if it sticks.

Having done this a a few days I was struck at how important the music is to the whole yoga experience. This song, taken from the "Lost In Translation" soundtrack, has a similar feel.

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Kasey Ann Stevens said...

i wish i had time for yoga... stinking summer internship.