Saturday, June 02, 2007

Killing Time with The Shout Out Louds

Had a few minutes of work to kill on a Saturday so I started poking around the net and fell upon the newest single from THE SHOUT OUT LOUDS. I really liked their last record, HOWL HOWL GAFF GAFF, and so I was pleasantly surpised to see new stuff. Apparently, they were dropped by their label and just signed with Merge so the record will be delayed for awhile here in the States. (lucky Europeans, always getting cool stuff to buy first!!)

The first single, "Tonight I Have To Leave It", does sound an awful lot like "In Between Days" the THE CURE (not that that's a bad thing) and the rest of the tracks I heard do seem very Cure-esque. But since the last Cure record kinda sucked then this is a fitting substitute. I guess it pays to procastinate at work after all.

(mp3) The Shout Out Louds -- Tonight I Have to Leave It (from Our Ill Wills)

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