Saturday, June 30, 2007

Looking for Some New Music

I realized that I had gotten a bit fixated on older material recently. Although reminiscing is fun every once and a while its good to see if there is anything out there worthwhile I hadn't heard before. So I surfed around PUREVOLUME for some unsigned California bands. Here is a sampling.

CONTROLLING THE FAMOUS are from nearby Echo Park (in LA) and have a nice groovy sound that relies heavily on bass lines and dual vocals. They kind of sound the way LA looks, a little off key from what you would expect. "Highway Parking Lot" is probably best thing I heard, a nice little guitar riff and a simple bass line give the song a real drive to it. They have one song for download and you can order a couple of their ep's of the site.

FUTURE OF FORESTRY caught my eye becuase I liked the band name, their record was produced by the guy from FAILURE, and they are from San Diego, which has produced a lot of interesting music over time. I have to say that my initial listen was a little underwhelming. I mean they sound like every other alternative band that started out liking COUNTING CROWS and LIVE, then bought a copy of "OK Computer" and said, "screw it we can be like that too". Which is too bad because I wanted to like them, they look like well meaning boys. Maybe with more listens I will appreciate them more.

THE SPORES are an intriguing little three piece outfit out of LA. Fronted by Molly McGuire (who according to her bio has worked with about everyone cool in LA) the band could be what Juliana Hatfield had doen if she had allowed synths in her trio. McGuire has a nice voice and the music is rock with some 80's synth touches. "(Don't) Kill Yourself" is a trsight up modern rock song that would be right at home on the radio, the other two are more experimental (with hints of Laurie Anderson style spoken word). I was really impressed by this and and certainly going to look into these guys more.
So I'll play this little game again next month or so just to try to stay hip to what is out there right now.

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