Friday, June 08, 2007

What the Hell happened to...Jimmy Eat World

I have to admit I was very skeptical when I received JIMMY EAT WORLD's 2001 album BLEED AMERICAN (later changed to just a self-titled album due to 9/11 paranoia). I never gave them much attention because they were in the whole "emo" crowd that I truly hated. It got worse when the band actually had a radio hit ("The Middle"). Then a funny thing happened. After trying to ignore the band I actually listened to the whole record one evening driving in my car from school to my house. That is when I discovered how much this band rocked. The songs just kept coming with one hook after another. This was the ultimate toe tap record. Every song seemed to cause involuntary toe tapping and fake drumming on the steering wheel. For the next couple of weeks I listened to it over and over and got more and more hooked by the band. These guys were the best flat out power pop group since the Posies (who they owe a great debt to in sound and lyrical similarity) Besides, any band that name checks Jesus and Mary Chain as a danceable band gets bonus points in my book.

So when the band released their follow up, FUTURES, I was understandably psyched. Although the album had its moments, it just wasn't the same. The band seemed to be trying to hard this time out. The songs didn't have the same bit and hooks that the previous record did. It was too polished, too radio friendly. It did not pass the toe tap test. Then the band seemed to disappear.
I'm sure they are working on some new material and have been out on the road previewing their stuff. I hope it's as good as BLEED AMERICAN. The world needs more music to drive by.

What every drunken guy has said to a girl at 3am in the morning he has wronged either physically or emotionally. Musically a very sunny song, but underneath there is some real heartache.

Just a pop gem. It's like some sort of indie sock hop anthem. Probably my favorite song on the record. Should have been a huge hit but commercial radio is run by idiots who know nothing.


Anonymous said...

lyons! authority song is my favorite song by them ever. it makes me just want to dance. by the way this is carly. :]

Simis said...

Really? Bleed American?? JEW's best work is on Clarity. Bleed American is really just the genesis of the overpolished radio pop garbage sound the band has devolved into today.