Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Hype is Overwhelming!!

I'm taking a quick break from our Sire Records tribute because its not often that three, count them three, of my favorite blogs all wrote about a new band called THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS. A side project of Arctic Monkeys' front man Alex Turner and some other dude, the band is releasing a record soon and they have apparently sent out mass e-mails to all the big blogs to plug the record. The two songs sound good, so I guess the hype is worth it. Imagine if the ARCTIC MONKEYS grew up, got in touch with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin to conduct an orchestra and you pretty much have what appears to be the first single. The acoustic stuff is a little more unusual, with a funky bass line and slightly more understated vocals than the usual Monkeys fare. Here is a great example of using the blogosphere for your benefit. But my question is...will all the initial hype kill this band as it tends to do so many others?

Here's for you to decide

(mp3) The Last Shadow Puppets -- In The Heat of the Morning (courtesy of Indie Surfer Blog)

Also check out To Die By Your Side for his take on the new band...


Michael K said...

Don't know what happened before. I'd still like to keep in touch. I know my email at occasionally just doesn't deliver. If you get a chance you should jump on facebook. Still love checking out the latest in music. I've got your latest podcast to listen to still. Have you listened to the latest Charlatans effort?

Juan said...

there is a "The Libertines" vibe to this with lots of 60s mod pop thrown in.

love it

remember the Mod days in LA

thanks (love: in the heat of the morning)