Monday, April 14, 2008

Sire Records Just Say...Series (Part Two)

1988 brought the second installment of the Just Say Compilation series, "Just Say Yo..." and with it new discoveries into the world of music. At this point I was a Sophomore in high school and still very much a socially awkward, bookish geek. I had only two saving graces that got me through high school. 1) I was fortunate enough to hang out with others who were more socially adept than I and who, in exchange for my acumen in History and English, provided me with a social setting and 2) I was starting to amass quite a CD collection. At that time I was developing into a walking collection of mix tapes and obscure tracks from favorite bands. This made me somewhat of an anomaly a cooler than thou nerd. This compilation served me well in a couple of key areas.

First, at the time, the DEPECHE MODE "Behind the Wheel/Route 66" version was in scarcity in the states. Our local alternative station, the once mighty KROQ, was playing the Mode like it was going out of style and so I gained many points for having what was at the time a unique take on this song. Second, the BOOK OF LOVE mash-up of "Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls" was something of a minor club hit and so having this made me seem like I was truly on the cutting edge. Finally, the MORRISSEY track "Will Never Marry" gave me depth that I did not possess at the time. (Disclaimer: these are all somewhat fuzzy memories at best, so if you might have been present for my adolescence at the time please spare others from revealing the truly embarrassing's better for me to live in my dreamworld.)

Tracklisting for Just Say Yo...

1) Ofra Haza -- Galbi
2) Morrissey -- Will Never Marry
3) kd lang -- Black Coffee
4) Depeche Mode -- Behind the Wheel / Route 66 (mega single mix)
5) The Wild Swans -- Bible Dreams
6) Erasure -- Chains of Love (Truly in Love with the Marx Bros. Mix)
7) Book of Love -- Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls (Regan's House Medley)
8) Martini Ranch -- Hot Dog
9) Throwing Muses -- Mexican Women
10) A House -- Call Me Blue
11) The Mighty Lemon Drops -- Inside Out (Live)
12) James -- What For
13) The Soup Dragons -- Kingdom Chairs
14) David Rudder/Charlie's Roots -- Bacchanal Lady (Extended Remix)

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Dirk said...

Dear Jon,

this seems to be a very nice couple of tracks: I'll have a listen when I get back home from work.

And thanks for putting Sexyloser on your blogroll: highly appreciated!