Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sappy Stuff For My Wife!!

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary (and my 150th post) so I thought I would post a bit about it. My wife does a far better job quantifying her sentiments here than I do so I will leave it to others... (fyi: the photo here was taken just after our first dance, so you can imgaine why I look like I'm about to die of embarassment and my wife is cracking up)

Our recessional we used at our wedding

I lobbied for the original by U2 as our first dance song but my wife pointed out that would mean I would have to dance for 7 1/2 minutes (and folks that's just not happening.) But the words still capture what she means to me to this day.

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Unknown said...

Belated congrats.

Ten and a bit years ago, it was 'Have I Told You Lately...' by Van Morrison for myself and the missus.

You should have gone for the 7 and a bit minutes my would have flown in.