Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Sports Junkie's Dream

So I spent a good portion of today watching a variety of sporting events. The afternoon started with the San Diego Padres beating up on the Dodgers (which warms my heart). From there it was on to the FINAL FOUR. Usually, I prefer college basketball to the pros because college has more pageantry and the players still look like they enjoy themselves. However, the year has been something of an anomaly because the NBA has been so competitive and the LAKERS are actually good again (which makes me sound like something of a fair weather fan, which I am not). But I did anticipate a couple of good college games given that the four teams playing all were very good and had a load of talent on the floor. But Memphis blew UCLA off the court (the score was not even close to the way the game actually played out) and then Kansas opened up a serious can of whoop ass on North Carolina, so I soured on the hoops in favor of the ANGELS game. (For those who have not read this blog for very long, I have a long standing love affair with baseball and the LA Angels in particular). I will eventually share my thoughts on the Halos chances this year but tonight it was just a joy to sit in the chair and watch a little baseball. Fortunately the Angels won so my sports ended on a positive note...

Which brings me to the real reason for this post. I must have seen this commercial about 100 times today (can't really Tivo sports so commercials are a byproduct). Nike has always used music very effectively in their commercials and this is no exception. It got to the point that I was actually humming the song while watching the games. Ah, the power of subliminal advertising. Now please excuse me while I go buy some cross trainers and a Tiger Woods hat...

If you're curious the song is by Saul Williams. Here it is in audio format for your continued listening pleasure.

(mp3) Saul Williams -- List of Demands (courtesy of Slave To The Details)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
your blog is really great, I have discovered a lot of awesome songs here I would not have heard of otherwise.
And lets go Angels! ;)

Unknown said...

The four months I spent in Canada last year saw me develop a love for the Blue Jays.

I miss the day-to-day involvement with baseball.

Oh to have been there when they swept the Red Sox the other day (oh, but am I glad to be here when they lose heavily to the A's).