Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buy This Band's Record NOW!!!!

I love when I find a small band that I can champion (to be fair I found this one on a couple of other blogs but I want to do my part). The wife wrote a piece on her blog and God bless them the band wrote back to thank her. That is just awesome!!

I AM NOT LEFTHANDED is an Irish band that plays simple, beautiful songs with melodies that will break your heart. They are everything I love about music; unassuming, passionate and thought provoking. They are a band that deserves your attention and your support. You need to go to their site and buy their record like today. It's not fair to make any comparisons to other bands because it wouldn't do them justice. I have probably played "Long Goodbyes" 50 times in the past two weeks. It's the kind of song that creeps into your brain and you spend the rest of the day humming the chorus to the point where your co-workers start to wonder if you are okay. If you like this song you will enjoy the rest of the record.

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