Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cleaning out the InBox

I have been inundated with bands lately (which for a small time blog like this is very neat to have people actually care what I think.) As is always the case whether it is positive or negative I will always listen and give it a review. So here we go;

ACIDIC are an LA band that have the hint of punk and a hint of old fashioned rock to go with their emo angst. Would this be something I would listen to, probably not. But if you are a fan of early GREEN DAY or BLINK 182 you might enjoy this.

DIALTONE are a slight upgrade in the sound quality and have a little more hipster attitude to the lyrics on songs such as "Do You Love Your Cell Phone" or "Emo T Shirt". You can hear elements of REM in the bass lines and the guitar work. The voice of the lead singer is a bit off putting at first but it gets better the more you listen. I was very ready to dismiss this but the more I take it in the more I think they might have something. With some more time they will eventually find their own sound that will suit them.

ADAM BALBO is a singer songwriter from San Francisco who has the ARLO GUTHRIE/BOB DYLAN vibe about his stuff. Singing alone with just an acoustic guitar means that the lyrics better be good since they will stand out. Most of the songs check in at under 2 minutes. One gets the impression that if he couldn't release these songs on the net he would be singing in some bohemian coffee house where people sip lattes and read Kerouac. It's decent folk music but not really my cup of low fat vanilla chai.

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