Monday, April 06, 2009


There is nothing better than Opening Day of the baseball season. Writer George Will once said that the year can be split into two seasons, baseball season and "the long, dark void." As an avid sports fan, something my wife refers to as an addiction, I watch all types of events. I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon watching the Men's basketball FINAL FOUR even though I had absolutely no rooting interest. I have watched college football games between schools that not only have I not attended but I couldn't find on a map with a compass.

But with baseball it's a whole other level. There is a certain rhythm to a baseball game. It has a pace to it that lends itself to conversation. I can sit and watch a game and carry on a dialogue with another person and still know what is going on. I can also watch a game with focused intensity, emotions rising and falling with every at bat. It helps to have a rooting interest in a given team. Long time readers already know of my allegiance to THE LOS ANGELES ANGELS, who have had a good few years in a row and are poised for another playoff run (which, knowing the team as well as I do, will surely end with a loss to the BOSTON RED SOX in the playoffs).

So another season is upon us. Another chance to soak in the summer sun, a hot dog and the ballpark. Another opportunity to lose sleepless nights over a heartbreaking ninth inning defeat. Another set of memories of game winning hits and three run home runs. Another collection of thoughts on the state of the middle relief and the role of the fifth outfielder.

Another Opening Day to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

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Kasey Ann said...

A bunch of my sorority sisters went to the D-Backs opening day... I've never gone. But I heard it was fun!

How goes it Lyons?