Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Coast/Wavves remind us about Summer

So it is unseasonably warm here in Southern California (which is like rich people complaining about the quality of their caviar but I digress) and as if to remind us that summer is right around the corner BEST COAST and WAVVES have released a split ep to commemorate their upcoming tour.

"Summer is Forever" is surprisingly cohesive for two bands who although alike do have some striking differences. Best Coast is a female led LA collective that contributes two sprightly songs. "Crazy for You" sounds like it is a long lost outtake from one of those old Beach Blanket Bingo type movies complete with all the teenage angst that came from the boy who wouldn't look the girl's way. "When You Wake Up" has a nice pop shimmer to it and vaguely reminds me of THE BREEDERS in their poppier moments. Again the sound of summer love is alive and well here.

As if in response WAVVES, the San Diego indie rock outfit, provides the male perspective to summer. "King of The Beach" is a surf rock, lo fi anthem that sounds as if it should be played over some killer surf footage. "Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Your Heart) is by far the darkest thing on the ep. The song revels in its discord as the narrator pleads with the girl to see things his way. It seems a bit out of place until you realize that it may be that the end of summer brings about fruitless promises of long lasting love.

What makes the whole thing work is the commitment both bands make to crafting images with their sound that make you fill in the blanks on the story (even though there isn't one). For those of you shoveling snow it will serve as a welcome reminder that someday you too will see the sun again.

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