Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Liam, Beady Eye is not what we needed

Okay so I am an OASIS fan. I have enjoyed their work even if it was at times derivitive of THE BEATLES. It was kind of the collective deal we made with them. The Beatles were gone and Oasis was what they could have been if technology had allowed Lennon and McCartney to blast the volume up to 11. When Noel and Liam Gallegher announced that they had had enough of each other (talk about awkward Christmas moments) we all thought Noel would be the one to go on to some form of new career. After all he was largely credited with the success of the band as the principle song writer and musical genius (similar to what PAUL WELLER has done with his time.)

So along comes BEADY EYE. For those who don't know, this is the rest of OASIS as imagined by Liam Gallagher. He has taken the reigns of the songwriting and singing all the songs. Of what I have heard (about four songs), I can say it is now clear that Noel was in fact the driving force. Beady Eye's songs not just mimic The Beatles, they openly ape even the post fab four with nods to JONH LENNON'S solo work as well as WINGS. "The Roller" has all the markings of "Let It Be" era musical cadences mashed up with "Instant Karma's" pacing. "Four Letter Word" opens with "Live and Let Die" flourishes before settling in to another Oasis style rock song. "Bring The Light" is Liam's ode to early Beatles as a rockabiliy act.

(I can say that I listened to these songs more than once before writing this and at one point thought about skipping this whole enterprise in it's entirety.)

It's not that the music is bad. The work is very well played and very professional. It's just so devoid of any individual voice. It's more like a cover band than a genuine muiscal entity. Maybe the full length will be better. Let's just say at this point I'm not holding out much hope.
(I don't feel right offering up a song. If you're interested I'm sure they are available in various places.)

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