Friday, January 07, 2011


Something is in the water in Portland, Oregon. All they seem to produce is pop groups who know their way around a hook. DERBY are a fivesome out of the Northwest who, similar to JONAH (previously featured right here), write classic pop songs that have some sounds reminiscent of 70's artists mixed with a 60's sheen to them. The two teaser songs sent to me from their second full length record "Madeline" show the two sides of the band.

"Madeline" is a mid tempo tune that while not super memorable at first listen grows on you over time. It has a nice build to it as the lead singer opines about how the title character is slowly shoving those she loves away. Better is the more rocking "Don't Believe in You" which is a nice marriage of THE SMITHEREENS and TOM PETTY that gives the song a great retro vibe. The guitars have that nice crunchy sound that would be great coming off a piece of vinyl that hisses and pops. If the rest of the record sounds like this, it will be a hidden treasure.

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