Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes you just need some Kick Ass Rock and Roll

So there are those times when I want my music to provide a specific emotional release. Traditionally, happier sounding songs can have a mood enhancing effect. Sad songs can heighten a sad sensation. Angry songs about angry things can increase the vitriol in my demeanor. Whatever it is, music can have the effect of moving us in a given emotional direction. I say this because I feel that there are times when I just want some kick ass, balls to the wall, rock songs. I have in the past spoken about music that passes "The Driving Test". Music that sounds better in the car then it does at home or work. Music that is meant for driving in open roads, sung at the top of your lungs even if it is out of key.

Chicago's THE LAUREATES make exactly this kind of music. It's raw and full of raging guitars. they have released a couple of records and their latest ep "No Kontrol" is available for free through the band's website. The title track swings with dueling guitars and driving bass line. It establishes the band's sound as somewhere between THE REPLACEMENTS and THE WHO. You kind of imagine the band slamming away on stage followed by everyone sitting down for beers on the tour bus afterward. The surf rock twang of "Get Sensitive" sounds like a long lost HUSKER DU track and gives way to the slightly mellower "Disconnected" and the Springsteen-esque "Beauty Spies." The ep's closer is the bluesy romp of "Cooler Birds".

As a bonus on the bands site are killer covers of REM, THE BREEDERS, and THE ROLLING STONES among others. Seriously if your are in need of some low down, dirty rock and roll on a Friday afternoon after a hard day, this is the band for you.

Visit the band's site here.

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