Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Last Battle -- Why Did I Wait So Long?

Sometimes bands slip by you. In this day and age of digital publishing it is easy to miss something even when it is right under your nose. Such is the case with THE LAST BATTLE. From the absolutely wonderful 17 Seconds records comes this Edinburgh collective who specialize in acoustic folk with an emphasis on mood and atmosphere. Their songs use a variety of instrumentation to highlight the intertwining vocals of Scott Longmuir and Arwen Duncan. You can almost see the band playing in some coffee house or small pub over in the corner.

Their debut record "Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea" contains songs about longing and death and love. The recently released single "Natures Glorious Rage" starts with a simple mandoling strum then builds and builds to an intense high before quietly fading out. They have also put out a one off single for new years entitled "365 days" which is a more playful tune that sounds as if it was recorded in one take. Don't make the same mistake I did and sleep on this band. Go and immerse yourself in their excellent material.

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