Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why I'm Torn over Sleigh Bells

Okay, so I have listened to SLEIGH BELLS debut record a few times upon the wife's recommendation and have been unable to make up my mind if I like it or not. I can see the attempt here to marry MY BLOODY VALENTINE, CURVE, and 80's heavy metal as an intriguing idea on paper. Upon first listen I found the odd construction of some of the songs sonically off putting. "Tell 'Em" just sounds like a mess of riffs thrown together with little or no hook or thread. Elsewhere on the album, like "Kids" and "Riot Rhythm" sound like they are copping what M.I.A. has quite frankly done better on her earlier records.

Things change however with the single "Infinity Guitars" which finally shows a semblance of a hook in the music. "Run The Heart" are "Rachel" are a mash-ups of LUSH and hip hop beats that in a weird way almost makes sense. I wish this was the more dominant sound on the record because I think it is more interesting than the big chunky guitars that the band seem to favor. Somewhere in here is a good sound I just don't think they found it. My concern with this band is that they get the misguided notion that bigger and louder guitars will translate to an edgier sound when I think the more textured approach would benefit them in the long run. So in the end I still feel conflicted and maybe that is what they wanted from me all along.

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