Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bring The Beat Back Part Three (Chill Out Version)

There was a huge movement during the Alternative Nation 90's of electronic bands that were fronte by anonymous female singers that spawned a whole new genre of dance music, Trip-Hop. PORTISHEAD, HOOVERPHONIC, BAXTER, MORCHEEBA, SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE... the list is endless. They all kinda sounded the same so I picked one that was representative of the group (although I may have to give PORTISHEAD it's own entry someday because they were a little more original than the others) to highlight this type of music. SNEAKER PIMPS were two former DJ's who recruited a female singer, had a minor US hit and then dumped the singer so they wouldn't be lumped in with the crowd. Problem was no one ever heard from them again. So it begs the question, better to be a part of a scene and be getting attentiont then no scene but no attention?
The SNEAKER PIMPS first album, "Becoming X", was a perfect come down from the dance floor type record. It had just enough beat to keep you in the mood for more dance music but was a little softer and more low key. What I did like about this record was the instrumentation is a nice mix of traditional guitar with more modern DJ touches (synths, drum loops) and over it all a nice female voice. "Low Place Like Home" has a great guitar line that drops in on the chorus to give it more weight. "6 Underground" was the big hit and has a great beat and an almost hip-hop feel to it. The best track on the record in my mind was "Post-Modern Sleaze" which uses an acoustic guitar along with a collection of skittering beats to deliver it's message of hopelessness. Unfortunately the band abandoned this formula instead of trying to work to refine what it had and never was the same.

(m4a) Sneaker Pimps -- Low Place Like Home
(m4a) Sneaker Pimps -- 6 Underground
(m4a) Sneaker Pimps -- Post-Modern Sleaze (Highly recc'd)

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