Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

I have many fond memories of the 4th of July. Growing up it was fireworks and barbeque in the backyard. As I got older there were two 4th's that I look back on with some fondness.

1) A few years back a friend of mine invited myself, my wife (then girlfriend) and another couple to Hungtington Beach for the day and evening fireworks. We had a really nice time except that halfway through the day my friend and his new girlfriend disappeared for 2 hours (later admitting they went back to the car for a little afternoon delight). Is this good etiquette? Is it okay to abandon an outing you planned for a quickie?I look back on this fondly because in the end there was a nice moment staring into the sky with my wife in my arms and thinking...this is good.

2) Two years ago we invited another couple to the Dodgers/Angels game in Anaheim. Baseball is a key aspect of American culture and seems to fit well with the 4th of july experience so this was a definite highlight for me. It also became a great 4th memory because a) The Angels beat the Dodgers, which is always satisfying and b) my friend Dan, a diehard Dodger fan acutally admitted in public that Angel stadium was better than Dodger Stadium.

So the 4th of July has been a good holiday for me in the past. So however you celebrated I hope you have fond memories of this fourth to look back on.

In case you didn't get to see fireworks in your area!!

(mp3) Neil Young -- Rockin In The Free World
Nothing says Independance day then questioning the government that is responsible for keeping us free. I'd go on a rant here but it's late and I might run out of space.

(mp3) John Philip Sousa -- Bullets and Bayonets
I love a good marching tune!!

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heather said...

seriously, it's not too hard to admit that angel stadium is nicer than dodger stadium, even if you're a dodger fan. let's face it - dodger stadium is SCARY. if you dare to wear something other than dodger blue there, you can and very well might get beat up in the parking lot (true story, folks!). remember the fiasco with the $2 seats? total thug central, so they got rid of it. of course now they have the "all you can eat" not so much thug central, but overeaters annonymous... most people i know will only sit in certain areas in order to assure safety! ;) heh.