Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm One Year Old

Happy Birthday!! or is it Happy Anniversary!! I don't really know. Anyway, today is the one year mark for YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN and my how I've changed. Hopefully the blog has gotten better as time has gone on and I think I'm starting to feel more comfortable writing and posting. I even expanded into the podcasting world a few weeks back so who knows where this might lead. I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you that have stopped by. I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs you could look at and I am glad you gave me five seconds of your surfing time. I hope to continue keeping this thing going and expanding to bigger and better things. So with that I give you a couple of my all time favorite tracks ENJOY!!
(mp3) Depeche Mode -- Strangelove (Blind Mix)
My first concert going experience was seeing these guys at Dodger stadium. I was 16 and got lost both going to and coming home from the concert. It was an amazing experience and made me want to go to a show every night (a dream I came close to realizing after college working as a record company intern). It was big and bombastic and brilliant. I won't ever forget that moment.

Anyone who has spent 5 seconds around me knows that these guys are still my hands down all time favorite band. I can always count on their music to lift me up when I feel down or make my day just a little bit better. This song is so powerful, so's everything I love about music packed into five minutes.


Anna said...

I recall that DM concert and honestly, I never remembered getting lost until you pointed it out recently.

As for your two favorites - as you probably know - they are mine as well. Except, I would argue that it is important enough to list U2 FIRST because Where the Streets Hav No Name is hands down THE best song ever written and must be given the honor of first.
Anytime, anywhere - that song will improve my outlook and make me tap my feet in joy just hearing the iconic guitar that rings through out this FAB tune.

Oh yeah - you still haven't emailed me. Shame.

heather said...

yay for a whole year!

i've seen DM 3 times over the years and thoroughly enjoyed every show.

i still think it's funny that we both saw U2 in phoenix at the same time (despite neither of us living in that particular city!). i know you really dig that song, but boy - is bad honestly one of the best U2 songs ever.