Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Love Letter

My wife is a loyal reader (and who has the added bonus of putting up with my crap on a daily basis). She and I have had lengthy discussions about my music snobbery and her need to listen to country and as I call it "mopey chick rock". We have debated the finer points of both Nirvana and Jimmy Buffett (this occured in one very long car ride that ended with me agreeing to accept Buffett into my life in exchange for her willingness to listen to my Ipod on a more regular basis.)So here are some of her favorites as of right now.

My wife grew up in Long Beach and has long loved the sea. She also is secretly in love with Kelly Slater (a surfer who is about a thousand times better looking then me). This song is from the soundtrack to the film RIDING WITH GIANTS. The film is brilliant and the song is vintage Waterboys. I actually like this one a lot myself.

This is a song from the soundtrack to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, which my wife has watched about 10 million times (the Keira Knightley version). As a married man I have seen many a chick flick. I enjoyed this because of Ms. Knightley presence and the wonderful use of setting and cinematography. This track is a very pretty little ballad that she plays for our two boys when they are getting out of hand. Music to soothe the savage beasts.

I am of two minds on this guy. I really want to dislike him. Everything in my indie rock soul says I should hate him. But then my wife will put his songs on (usually during long drives) and I can't stop humming the damn things. Although the song I most associate with her is "The Wino and I Know" this one is actually enjoyable.

(mp3) Brothers on a Hotel Bed -- Death Cab for Cutie
Just when I think my wife's musical taste is beyond redeeming she comes up with a passionate desire for a truly brilliant song. This song is about heartache and loss of love. It's about the disconnect between two people who are drifting apart. It's a frightening reminder of what could happen if I don't sometimes step back and take stock of how lucky I am.

for my wife...whom I love more than anything in the world.

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