Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Hidden Gem From The CD Collection

I love ep's. I think they are about the most brilliant invention in music history. The simple nature and limited songs allow an artist or band to express themselves quickly and with the same emotional impact of a full length record. Case in point is the 1995 AIR MIAMI ep "Fuck You, Tiger" (priceless for the title alone). Air Miami was formed when a beloved 4AD favorite of mine, UNREST, fell apart. Two of the members went on to record as Air Miami, released one ep and one album and then broke up. Air Miami's sound is very indie pop with a hint of electronic knob twirling (a little POSTAL SERVICE but more rock). At four songs, the ep gives a good balance of upbeat rockers ("I Hate Milk"), slower mood pieces ("Warm Miami May") and Radiohead style spacey ballads, even if they did predate that era of Radiohead by a year or two. I still pop this in for about 10 minutes of fun. It reaffirms my belief that shorter can sometimes be better.

(mp3) Air Miami -- I Hate Mile (re-mix)
(mp3) Air Miami -- Warm Miami May
(mp3) Air Miami -- Afternoon Train (re-mix #3)
(mp3) Air Miami -- See Through Plastic

(mp3) Air Miami -- Airplane Rider (from the official band site)

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