Thursday, August 23, 2007

On the Road...The LBC with the New Fads

So I'm in beautiful Long Beach attending a work convention. This means spending a night away from the family (which I hate) and sleeping in a lumpy bed with a bad shower to look forward to in the morning. I REALLY HATE TRAVELLING!!!

Anyway, all I have with me to post on the blog is a record by the NEW FAST AUTOMATIC DAFFODILS. These guys are an easy entry into the dumbass band name hall of fame but their music was actually pretty interesting. This record, 1993's "Body Exit Mind" is an unusual mix of Brit rock and vocals that are reminiscent of Mark E Smith from The Fall. "Stockholm" is probabaly my favorite track on this album with it's simple guitar intro that builds to a crescnedo as the vocals by Andy Spearpoint drift in and out of singing and wordplay. He uses sing speak style that gives the songs a poetry jam feel. "I'll Take You To Sleep" is a more manic song with huge drumbeats and battling guitars. The band also scores points for using bongos...yes kids, bongos!!
Anyway, so a fun little record. Not the greatest but a few choice cuts that made their way onto my IPOD.

(m4a) New Fast Automatic Daffodils -- It's Not What You Know (Kind of approriate for all the networking and bootlicking I've done today...)

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