Monday, August 13, 2007

Zencast #5 (Songs For People I've Lost Touch With)

Music can transport you to some truly amazing places. It can also remind us of fond memories that we have long since forgotten, repressed or otherwise chose to ignore. Such is the theme of the latest podcast. I was taking a short trip down memory lane to when I was DJ at a college station in San Bernardino, CA. We had virtually no signal, about 3 listeners on average and no real format or direction but man we did some truly amazing stuff. There was a core of people who I worked with for those years at both the radio and TV sides of things that I truly enjoyed hanging with. These times came rushing back at me recently and I thought of some music that was reminiscent of those years. So I hope you enjoy this episode...

Zencast #5 (Songs For People I've Lost Touch With)


1. Boy Eats Drum Machine -- From An Oregon Coast
2. The Perishers -- My Heart
3. The Dead Kennedys -- Holiday In Cambodia (added bonus, my wife love this song, which is one reason she is one of the truly cool people in the world.)
4. Fugazi -- Cassavetes
5. The Stone Roses -- Elefant Stone
6. James -- P.S.
7. The Devlins -- Everything Comes Around
8. Dead Can Dance -- American Dreaming
9. Matt Nathanson -- You're Smiling
10. Toad The Wet Sprocket -- Fly From Heaven

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