Saturday, August 18, 2007

What the F**K Was I Thinking

So my wife has gotten into gardening of late and wanted a flower bed created in the back yard. Not a problem says I and I promptly go out with shovel in hand to dig up a suitably sized plot of land for her flowers. After about a half hour of digging up grass, weeds, rocks and other stuff I realize that I'm starting to really perspire. No worries, I take off my hat and glasses and continue digging my merry way to China. Another half hour goes by and my shirt is soaked so I take it off in a fit of testosterone filled manliness. Now I am the first to admit my physique is not easily confused with Brad Pitt but it's my backyard so no one will be subjected to the sheer horror that is a shirtless me. Anyway, now that that image is forever burned into your mind's eye, it take me another hour or so to finish off the flower bed. I gather my things and head inside.
After lunch I lay down for a short nap only to be interrupted halfway through by a searing pain all over my body. When I reach the mirror I discover I now resemble the color of a ripe strawberry (which is fine for fruit but not terribly desirable in human flesh). Needless to say I know am the proud owner of a significant SUNBURN. So what is the lesson for the day... being a macho, macho man is better saved for Matthew McConaughey or the Village People.

Here are some songs to remind us of today's theme
(mp3) Death Cab For Cutie -- Summer Skin (and I had almost gone the whole summer without a sunburn and now I'm crispy...DAMN)

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Anna said...

It's every husbands responsibilty to mutilate himself in some way in the name of love. Consider this your sacrifice for your lovely wife.

Meanwhile, as much as she will LOVE the flowerbed and is grateful, if she is anything like me, she is laughing inside ... LOUDLY at you.

Ah, such is marraige.