Saturday, August 11, 2007

Time To Go Home

So I'm headed home from vacation. I apologize for the sparse and unusually crappy posts over the last couple of weeks. Life on the road can be tough and the usual schedule gets thrown out of wack (compounded by the lack of internet access for all but about an hour for the past week).

Don't get me wrong, I love going on vacation. The mere fact that I don't get cell reception at my in-laws ranch is reason alone to go. However, after a while I get the ache to return to my familiar surroundings (I am and always will be a city kid so the country life might not be for me). So me and the family hit the road today for the grueling Medford, Oregon to Pasadena, CA (with an overnight stop in Sacramento) trip down the I-5. This might be the most boring stretch of road on the face of the Earth. I mean there is nothing but miles and miles of barren, hot wasteland with nothing to see or experience of any interest. All you can do is suck it up and drive. Now in years past my wife and I would switch off musical selections but with the arrival of our sons I get the listen to wonderful things like the movie CARS over and over (a man can only take so much Sheryl Crow in his life!!) and various episodes of the kids show THE BACKYARDIGANS (which does have the benefit of some decent music).

So as I prepare for the final leg of my voyage home I give you a couple of songs that remind me of home and how happy I will be to finally be there.

(mp3) Midlake -- Head Home (one of my personal favorites)
(mp3) Alexi Murdoch -- Home (this one is a current fave of the wife)

BONUS CUT -- Rascal Flatts -- Life Is A Highway (from the CARS Soundtrack)

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