Thursday, August 09, 2007

On The Road...Oregon Music Scene

So I've been in Oregon for about a week now and finally got a decent enough internet connection to post a quick entry about some of the Oregon bands that are getting love right now...

THE LISTENING are a Portland band (Portland seems to have a very healthy musical community). These guys are traveling in a nice mix of shoegaze rock and Interpol style guitar work. "Hosea in C Minor" has a nice guitar line and a driving beat. "The Factory" is a darker, mid, tempo song, while "Everything is Nothing" utilizes a nice synth and piano intro which gives the sound a kinds Radiohead feel.

BOY EATS DRUM MACHINE sound a lot like Soul Coughing (who I really love) with a bit of Beck thrown in for good measure. "From an Oregon Shore" has a nice funky beat and great bass line. "Two Ghosts" is an off kilter rock song with a nice acoustic/electric back and forth. I imagine these guys are a load of fun live.

LIGHTBREAK are from Medford, Oregon (which I were I am staying right now so I feel a need to cover at least one of the local bands). This is a very straight forward rock band in the Coldplay vein of things. Lots of guitars and pianos. Not the most original of bands but not completely terrible either.

Be back in SOCAL on Sunday so I will resume posting then.


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