Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Wind Makes Me Anxious

Here in SoCal we get hammered for the utterly boring weather. It's why people move here. they hate the cold or the rain or the snow so they come to LA where it's sunny and 72 degrees 10 months out of the year. When it does get cold here it hits about 50 or so. We had rain two weeks ago and you would of thought the world was about to end. But the one negative barometric feature of Southern California is wind. We get these hot, dry winds called "The Santa Anas". Or we'll get the cold, biting winds we are experiencing right now. Not really cold mind you, but just uncomfortable. They make my skin tense up and make me feel anxious. Like something bad is about to happen. Do I have a point with this rambling mishagosh about weather? Not really. But it does play with your psyche. The wind brings bad news and bad feelings and there's nothing you can do about it so get prepared...

**I feel like this one might need an explanation. Although the song is about a man who uses women with impunity, Eli represents something ominous and bad. I always think of this song when the winds hit. Got this from an old show called "Sportsnight" where one of the characters said "Eli's Coming" to predict bad things happening at his job that night. I guess I connected the two ideas in my warped little head. (Man am I in a weird place right now or what?)

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