Sunday, January 06, 2008

Zencast #8 (The Random Cast)

So I hadn't done a podcast in awhile and with the ridiculously crappy weather lately, staying indoors a putting together playlists is as good a way to pass the time as any. So there isn't really any real binding theme to this one, just 50 minutes of quality music. For those of you are are curious I tend to record these late at night after the wife and kids have gone to bed, which would explain the somewhat laid back, quiet tone in my voice. Normally I'm a pretty animated guy but for some reason when I get in front of a mic I become someone who is auditioning for NPR. I guess the next one I'll try to overload on caffeine before I start recording.

Zencast #8 -- The Totally Random Cast


1. The National -- Squalor Victoria

2. Nada Surf -- See These Bones

3. The Grants -- I Am The One (thanks Ed at 17 Seconds for this)

4. The Church -- Reptile

5. Starky -- Hey Bang Bang

6. Oranger -- Crooked In The Weird Of The Catacombs

7. Cold War Kids -- Hospital Beds

8. Midlake -- Roscoe

9. The Frames -- Dream Awake

10. Eddie Vedder -- Hard Sun

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Unknown said...

Not bad....but you need a little bit of Scotland thrown in there!!